Top 8 Educational Video Games

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This has prompted educators to turn their attention to other ways of learning and to give a fresh new face to video games, which should encourage not only violence but also creativity and human innovation.

Today we bring you a selection of the 8 best educational video games.

8 Educational Video Games

Recent research shows that the use of controlled technology in humans from an early age, especially educational video games, increases brain activity.

Many of the subjects even acquire a high degree of fine motor skills through these play activities, which facilitate professional activities in nanotechnology, surgery and other fields that require concentration and a good heart rate.

Of course, all excesses are harmful, even when it comes to educational video games. We must not forget that we are biopsychosocial creatures and we need others to survive. It is important to raise our children hand in hand with technological tools, but always keep them in balance. After this short review, we present our selection of 8 best educational video games.

Minecraft. Creating Joint Projects

Minecraft is one of the most popular educational video games for teens and tweens. The Minecraft educational platform provides the opportunity to create collaborative projects while developing cognitive skills in a unique and highly authentic virtual environment that manages to capture the loyalty and motivation of its players.

Educational video games like Minecraft teach creativity, integration, critical thinking, teamwork, respect for others, etc. broadens knowledge on topics such as

In addition, the technological development of various versions of educational video games in the Minecraft environment aimed to develop knowledge areas such as history, mathematics, physics, mathematics, language and art education.

Brain Age: Concentration Training (Dr. Kawashima’s Devil’s Brain Training: Can You Stay Focused?)

Brain Training Infernal is one of the traditional and widely used educational video games today. It can improve performance in a math class and is highly recommended for students with ADHD.

This educational math video game takes you through a variety of minigames that focus on calculation. In addition, the game has different difficulty levels that increase as the player overcomes said calculations.

In addition, motivation studies, teamwork and cooperation are encouraged with this video game; It is this latter advantage that links this educational video game to its benefits for students diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Provides additional motivation for collaborative and social work.

This is one of the educational math video games available on the Nintendo platform.

Civilization. Historical and Cultural Development

Civilization is one of the best educational video games available on PlayStation, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch platforms. It is developed in the field of human history and its story is based on the conquest of regions according to the era chosen by the player.

You can choose between Medieval, Modern and Modern Times; It also allows you to view bibliographic historical data that interests you so you can progress through the strategy and continue playing the game.

Just dance. An Educational Video Game for Physical Education

Just Dance is one of the most popular educational video games based on dance. In this game you can develop teamwork, cooperation and coordination.

It is a great educational video game for studying in physical education classes because it allows you to develop students’ psychomotor skills. You can play in groups or individually.

Monument Valley. Manipulated Architecture

Monument Valley is an educational video game in which players have the ability to manipulate architecture and impossible geometric shapes and guide a princess through a world of wondrous beauty.

As they progress, the player will be able to reach milestones by answering various visual puzzles. This is a developmental video game that encourages creativity and challenging strategies.

Discover Babylon. Expand Your History Knowledge

Discover Babylon is another educational video game that will encourage your 8-14 year olds to learn about history. It is designed for PC and you will be able to work on various concepts related to ancient Mesopotamian history.

You will be able to progress by answering information questions about the culture and society of the period.

Knowledge Tower. Video Games for Primary School

Tower of Knowledge is one of the educational video games for elementary school kids, designed to reinforce basic language, English, math, social studies and science knowledge in a very didactic and fun way.

The theme of the game is to get to the top by finding the necessary information on each floor to help you overcome the puzzles, as well as overcoming the magical challenges that the sages will show you.

Tower of Knowledge is available on Android and iOS platforms.

Immune Attack! Learn About Biochemistry

Immune Attack! – It is an educational video game where you can help middle school students learn chemistry, biology and technology by learning about the biological processes that occur and fighting infections.

In the game, you can control a tiny nanorobot in a three-dimensional environment with blood vessels and various genetic tissues to help save an infected patient. This is one of the free educational games available on your computer.

And as you can see, the tech world is making great strides in the development of educational video games. This is just one example of the thousands you can find.

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