Video Studio Escape – Walkthrough, Tips, Review

studio3.pngYou find yourself locked in a video studio and the place is full of locked and coded safes and drawers. Most of the puzzles look a bit cryptic but don’t despair – you’ll get a clue at the right moment. You may need to understand that solutions sometimes require more than one clue and find out which tips can be combined and how. What I find helpful is to turn already resolved areas into inactive ones, because you can desperately wander around the room trying to reconsider all the points before you get the right idea. Now you know what is no longer useful.

studio4.pngLast table‘s game is the perfect escape (although it certainly isn’t easy). Clean graphics and very well put together logic puzzles tabletrademark. Give it enough time. Worth it. Remember that puzzles often seem harder than they are and they always make sense. Enjoy!

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