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Hello there! Weekday Escape and Weekdays Puzzle they are here!

amajeto it’s back with a new game and good game! back then tomoLaSiDo He wants you to make cheesecake – there is a device for making cheesecakes in the apartment, you just need to get the ingredients. Primera/cabaret Remake another colorful game from 2011 and the next point’n’click adventure Emily Castle (Peťa Emmerová) in the style of a Grounhog Day. Amélie, a witch, creates a time loop and you repeat a day many times until you reach one of the three extremes. Note that the game can be played or downloaded directly in a browser, but only saved in the download version. If a game played in a browser crashes, your progress will be lost.

well known by JCodina and ArcaCrema It’s a dreamy and relaxing game – it’s only a demo, but it has 28 levels. final income FeatureKreepword game – you need to make a dictionary and extract the meanings of the words from the context.

Have fun and enjoy!


amajeto He wants you to get ready for a date and all you have to do is buy a big bouquet. This easy one has a beautiful bouquet at a flower shop across the street, but sadly it’s only on display locked in a glass box. To find a key, you need to solve many puzzles and collect sixteen hearts. Hope the date goes well!
Cursor doesn’t change, save option, one ending.

cheesecake.pngThis week we have tomoLaSiDo The two-room apartment and the special device you find in the first room are used to make cheesecakes. You only need one and you can’t avoid doing it because with the cheesecake you get the last pod with the key piece.
Cursor does not change, autosave, one ends.

big1.png big2.png

Another remake by Primera/cabaret here and again you find yourself stuck in a hotel room and unable to enjoy your vacation. Oh good. The key must be somewhere inside the room, you just need to solve a few puzzles – luckily you won’t be thirsty, you can make a cup of coffee and tea here!
Cursor changes, no save option, one ending.


Point’n’click adventure Emily Castle (Peťa Emmerová) It takes place at a time when the witch hunts continue in full swing in Europe. Young witch Amélie has one day to change the course of events in a small village, and the only way to do that is to use some magic and make a few potions. However, he needs to get the ingredients for the potion and time flies fast… and besides, that day the inquisitors appeared in the village. Right at the start of the game Amélie manages to create a time loop so you can repeat the same day multiple times until you fix the problem or get burned.
The game can be played and downloaded in your browser. Note that the game is quite long and has three different endings, and the browser version has no save option unlike download. I had the game crash.
Cursor changes, no save option (browser version), three endings.

skywalker.pngCalming and relaxing puzzler JCodina and ArcaCrema it’s just a demo – the full version will be available here Steam – but it has 28 levels and offers quite a lot. You have to forge your way through the sky and collect stars on the way – your magical power allows you to navigate around white clouds and thus build bridges between dark clouds that cannot be moved. Beautiful art and soundtrack, not demanding.

Totally controlled by a mouse, autosave, 28 levels.

rosetta.pngRosetta Stone, a representative of the Alien Language Preservation Society, is required to write a dictionary of the Thesauri language. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know a word and needs your help. You have to decipher what the inhabitants of the planet Thesauri are saying from context and deduce the meanings of the words. by game FeatureKreep.

Use a mouse to move around the WASD/Arrow keys, everything else. There is no save option.

We love escape games and our readers love to talk about them and share tips! Alright and you? Let us know what you think in the comments below, ask for tips or help other players.

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