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Hello there! Weekday Escape and Weekdays Puzzle they are here!

As every two weeks, a new tomoLaSiDo with some pretty tricky puzzles followed by a short game of point’n’click patrickgh3atmospheric with dark undertones and fine art.

Then come the jigsaw puzzles – interesting riddles muratsubo and by EPIKPIKAGUY, both about magic hats, and a simple maze Arcaru.

Have fun and enjoy!

crowns.pngTomoLaSiDo has prepared several challenging puzzles for you in its rooms. There are no language barriers, but it takes some time to find a solution – as we are used to with developer games. For a perfect ending, you need to collect seven crowns of an hour.
Cursor does not change, autosave, one ends.


This is a short dark point and click adventure. patrickgh3 about little Song. He was left alone in a strange house while his family was busy with some paperwork. Song begins to explore it and soon learns that there is someone in the house – it depends on how you describe someone – of course, there is something here and they need help. Can a little girl do this?
The cursor doesn’t change, there’s no save option, it just ends.


Another post to Thinky Puzzle Game Jam 2 is here – two of which were released a week ago – and this, muratsubo. Again we are playing with a magic hat and you have to push it and place it in the right place. The hat is not a box – it has special abilities. It’s a magic hat after all.
Controlled by WASD/Arrow keys, R to restart a level, Z to undo, autosave, 42 levels.

rabbit.pngThinky Puzzle Game Jam 2 brought some really good games, here’s another one EPIKPIKAGUY In it you need to find a rabbit to your carrot. All puzzlescripter puzzles feature basic pixel graphics, but it’s the content that counts – and the puzzles are original and solid. Each level surprises you!
Controlled by WASD/Arrow keys, X to release the contents of the caret, R to restart a level, Z to undo, autosave.


From Arcaru We have a simple maze game where you have to put two dots in two different mazes on certain exits. The trick is you have to control both points at the same time and carefully plan the moves and use the obstacles in the mazes.
Controlled by WASD/Arrow keys, R to restart a level, autosave, 21 levels.

We love escape games and our readers love to talk about them and share tips! Alright and you? Let us know what you think in the comments below, ask for tips or help other players.

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