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Hello there! Weekday Escape and Weekday Puzzle are here!

With amajeto You return to the Blue Islands and self defiant He wants you to escape from a dangerous place in his latest 3D escape. TomoLaSiDo‘s room is not dangerous at all and you can escape quickly as the biggest puzzle is optional. From Prism Game Lab We have a good escape from a magical workshop.

Both riddles (by troll_hunterx and by Not) have the same purpose – to get a square/blob in a specific location – and both are fresh and original. Inside troll_hunterxThere are two parallel worlds in the game where you can play and play. Not‘ a letter U to help you.

Have fun and enjoy!


With amajetoThe third part of the mini-series Blue Islands, you return to the courtyard of the hotel, where the door to the pier opens. Arrow! You can finally go to the lighthouse! Well, it’s not that fast… the speedboat doesn’t have a key so you have to go back and look for clues in the hotel garden, solve puzzles, start the boat and find the key. Enjoy your journey!
Cursor doesn’t change, save option, one ending.

nature.pngthis self defiant3D escape has attractive graphics and an interesting start – it seems you have to hunt and fight some kind of monster. However, the game turns into a standard escape pretty quickly and you will leave Gary to his fate like your cowardly friends. Maybe there is no other way. Poor Gary.
Cursor changes, autosave, one ends.

icecubes.pnga device inside tomoLaSiDoHis room has buttons with Japanese characters, but you can escape without turning the device on – it’s an extra puzzle. If you leave the room without solving the puzzle, you will get unused clues. You need twenty ice cubes for the perfect finish, but you can still go out without them.
The cursor doesn’t change, there’s no save option, it just ends.


from the studio in portuguese Prism Game Lab We have a nice escape from a magical workshop and yes, you can do some magic here. Beautiful. Most importantly, you need to solve a few good puzzles and be patient – you will get enough clues for them, but it may take some time to find or fully understand them.
The cursor doesn’t change, there’s no save option, it just ends.

sokoppo3.png sokoppo4.png

troll_hunterx‘s puzzler has a clean minimalist design, a nice soundtrack, and a simple goal. To clear a level, you need to get the smaller square(s) from the larger square(s)…and you have to move a few blocks to do so. But there is more. There are two words in the upper levels, black and white, and this is where the game gets interesting and fun.
Controlled by WASD/Arrow keys, R to restart, Z to undo, 21 levels. There is no save option.

pushingU.pngNotThe puzzler ‘s doing in puzzlescripter is about the letter U – and it has some really interesting features! With the help of the letters U, you need to bring your pink spot to the pink square.
Controlled by WASD/Arrow keys, R to restart, Z to undo, autosave.

We love escape games and our readers love to talk about them and share tips! Alright and you? Let us know what you think in the comments below, ask for tips or help other players.

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