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Hello there! Weekday Escape is here!

life Coconut ParkThe Southern Islands aren’t boring – Glynn the Turtle has recently escaped and you need to find him. I hope he didn’t go too far with his short legs. self defiant You return with a new haunted asylum and then find yourself locked in the room. Escape game maker. final income esclave With the Caribbean pirate point’n’click adventure. Hello there!

There are no puzzle games in this WE. It will be published tomorrow Weekdays Puzzle.

Have fun and enjoy!

glynn.pngdo you remember the previous episode Coconut Parkthe series? There we met Miss Kieve, who was walking her turtle, and in this episode the turtle escaped! Sad Miss Kieve is looking for her everywhere and needs your help. It doesn’t take long to find it – it’s just a screen game after all.
Cursor changes, no save option, one ends.

asylum.pngWe have a brand new mental hospital. self defiant! It’s a small mental institution – where are the times of big mental hospitals with dozens of rooms – so you don’t get a map and you don’t need to look for the green bottle either – just move your mouse over a purple ball. . It goes without saying that the asylum is haunted but it’s just a demon, quite small. Your goal is to collect five blood-red stones and place them in the slots that appear after you find the last stone, and finally leave.

Cursor changes, no save option, one ends. The candle puzzle is a bit clunky but the second try worked for me.


escape game by room escort it has an interesting concept – you have to turn all the red red lights in the room to green lights, each in a different way. Sometimes you need to solve a puzzle, sometimes you need to use an item you find. It’s a nice and good looking game, but beware there’s a timer – you have thirty minutes to escape. I can say that this is enough time, the puzzles are not difficult.
Cursor changes, no save option, one ends.


Between 2008 and 2013 esclave 10 episodes released Ballad of Ketinetto. They are available in Flash using the Ruffle emulator from Esklavos’ site, but not all games will work properly.
Now we have episode 11 and it can be played without knowing the previous episodes as a separate point-and-click adventure featuring pirates, rum, coconuts, small tropical islands and a great musical performance. I hope we get to episode 12 soon!
Cursor changes, autosave, one ends.

We love escape games and our readers love to talk about them and share tips! Alright and you? Let us know what you think in the comments below, ask for tips or help other players.

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