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Hello there! Weekday Escape and Weekdays Puzzle they are here!

we are starting again self defiantEscape from the state – there are only a few left – and then we find ourselves in a cute little room. game design.jp (Skipmore) with clever puzzles and cool retro looks. TomoLaSiDo‘s escape challenge consists of three rooms and is longer than the standard ones – it goes without saying that there are more puzzles.

We have three puzzles this week – the first Chris Klimowski this can be a bit addictive – it’s basically a match 3 theme, but what you’re doing is stacking color palindromes. Interesting. Then you go for some fishing in the retro game. RhythmLynxand the last one was resurrected by the cute puzzler from 2007 game design.jp (Taro Ito) about a cat.

Have fun and enjoy!

We’re nearing the end of the list – you need to run this week Virginia and Washington, and then only three states remained. You have to find three big pearls in Virginia and replace them with a ski bike while feeding a hungry seal. In Washington, it’s all about money – you need three dollars to buy a mocha and trade it for a bike.
The cursor doesn’t change, there’s no save option, it just ends.

tiny room.pnggame design.jp‘s (Skipmore) Tiny Room is really small – but also cute with a few nice puzzles and clear clues. While the clues are obvious, you need to think about them because the author has managed to add some interesting twists to a few puzzles. It has the charm of good old games and the cuteness of Japanese games with its pixel art.
The cursor doesn’t change, there’s no save option, it just ends.

sunglasses.pngTomoLaSiDo it did not disappoint expectations and like all round number games, this one is bigger than usual and brings more fun! We have three rooms to explore and the puzzles are many and good ones. Some are initially inactive and then open after finding a necessary item for the solution. There are three sunglasses hidden in the apartment.
The cursor doesn’t change, there’s no save option, it just ends.

otteretto.pngPalindromes for which you created the riddle Chris Klimowski not words – these are colored palindromes and you click and hold LMB to make one, You can see how many points you will get for this and decide whether to do it or not. The game looks simple but you need to understand it and develop your strategy. Overall it’s a very good game with an excellent and attractive design, a cool and non-irritating sound system, and it’s challenging but not punishing. There is no timer.
Controlled by a mouse, manual save. It can also be used for mobile devices.

PS We met Chris Klimowski before – in WE N°300 you find it and color bomb‘ escape.

Google PlayOtter (Android, Android Tablet)

Download from AppstoreOtter (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)

fishing.pngIn the riddle about water RhythmLynx You go fishing and at the top edge of the game screen you can see which creatures you need to catch to pass a level. Your rope is not endless so you have to plan your steps to reach everywhere – there are obstacles and also some creatures are not easy to reach!
Controlled by arrow keys. Click the buttons on the virtual Game Boy to undo, confirm and undo. At the bottom of the game screen are instructions and also the link if you want to match the size of the browser window. 30 levels.

cat1.pnggame design‘s (Taro Ito) puzzler is not a new game – it was first released in 2007 and is made in Flash. Now you can play at Crazy Games if you want. The objective is simple but more difficult than it looks – you must get the black cat into the circle before it escapes from the playground. The original review is here: black cat.

We love escape games and our readers love to talk about them and share tips! Alright and you? Let us know what you think in the comments below, ask for tips or help other players.

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