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Hello there! Weekday Escape and Weekdays Puzzle they are here!

we are almost done self defiant‘ the state runs away, only one remains. Fortunately, amajetoThe Blue Islands series continues and I hope we have more episodes – it’s so much fun. original Coconut Park‘s series has several dozen episodes, so if they continue with remakes, we have something to look forward to.

Garuda Games unknown is basically the Snake with a few changes and additions and cultist We have another powerful atmospheric action jumping game. racing game by the last one thePetersons – go chicken go!

Have fun and enjoy!

Inside West Virginia You find the ATV key pretty easily – the problem is, the ATV is across the creek and all the boards on the bridge are gone. Your aim is to take anything and repair the Things on the bridge. Wisconsin simple – you need to buy some cheese. Wisconsin cheese, I guess.
The cursor doesn’t change, there’s no save option, it just ends. Escape from Wisconsin does not load on the Melting-Mindz site, so links point to the Hoodamath site.


In the third installment amajetoAt the end of ‘s series Blue Islands, we left the starting island and now we come to the island where the lighthouse stands in the fourth episode. It’s already twilight and no one is around, so you can start exploring the island. The first place you enter is the tiny house, where you spend some time solving puzzles. You finally open the staff room… and that’s it. To be continued…
Cursor doesn’t change, save option, one ending.

mango.pngInside Coconut ParkWe meet Green (Turtle) again in the last episode of . He is upset because Miss Kiev has gone – only for a while, but still. What is it now? What would cheer Green up? Maybe something good to eat… like that tree-grown mango! Can you help Noib get them and make everyone happy? Cursor changes, no save option, one ends.

cat snake1.png

Garuda Games‘s puzzler is a new version of the well-known game The Snake for mobile devices. To pass the level you have to fill all the empty squares and you cannot pass your body as in the original. There are red objects you should not hit and also some blocks are broken. If you pass by them, they will break. It’s a fast paced game – you never beat a level (at least the beginning ones).
Controlled by WASD keys, R to restart a level, no save option. 50 levels.

hopowl.pngcultistThe jumping action game is about an owl looking for cosmic dust scattered all over the dawn machines while avoiding traps. It’s dark, very atmospheric, lots of jumping.
Controlled by WASD/Arrow keys, no save option, 25 levels.

farm.pngPetersongame is a farm race. Choose your pet, wait for the green light and run! Avoid other animals and obstacles on the way because every obstacle slows you down and time is running out. The game is divided into chapters, but you always start over as there is no auto-save feature. Simple, catchy and fun!
Controlled by AD/Left/Right, W/UP to go, Space to communicate.

PS Released almost two years ago Petersonadventure game Discover. This is a great game.

We love escape games and our readers love to talk about them and share tips! Alright and you? Let us know what you think in the comments below, ask for tips or help other players.

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