Weekday Puzzle N°64 – Solution, Hints, Review

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Welcome Weekdays Puzzle!

A few weeks later, a separate Weekdays Puzzle. First you have to help a little frog. cassovarythe world that was flooded (and the water is still rising) after a major rainstorm. MrNannings‘s puzzler is again an excellent relaxation game as it is very well done in all aspects and is reasonable in difficulty and simple to control. From Neil Saddie (Sadie Brothers) is a scary chess game with really original concept and also comes a relaxing game about reclaiming the land from the sea and growing as many tulips as possible there.

Have fun and enjoy!

sel.pngA tiny frog in his little raincoat and rubber boots is trying to find his way through a submerged world across an archipelago of small islands. Luckily, here and there are boxes that can be pushed between islands and turned into pontoons because our little green hero can’t jump… and the water is rising so fast! manioc‘s puzzler is cute, clever and fun to play – can you help the frog before it’s too late?

Controlled by the arrow keys, R to reset a level, Z to undo a move.


MrNannings it’s back with a nice puzzle game, not too hard, not boring and very well made. Each level is a small island and you need to reach a shining golden star to clear it. Your hero wanders around restlessly crashing into flat wooden chests and colored cubes, and the cubes have a special feature. They can be “turned off” (and then “opened”). This way you manage your hero’s route.
Controlled by a mouse, 30 levels, autosave.

death1.pngFrom Neil Saddie (Sadie Brothers) we have a chess game, and a good one. The day has come when you face Death and try to negotiate… “Why me?” After the inevitable questions like and “Why now?” “There must be a mistake! Could you check it out please?” “No! I’m not going with you!” You accept the situation. Your last attempt to avoid this is a game of chess with special rules, and Death will willingly reveal them…perhaps too willingly.
Controlled by a mouse, autosave – doesn’t work well on my computer though.

PS: Here are some old chess-themed games released in recent years that you may have overlooked or forgotten: small chess toys (chess master, Queen’s Quadrangle and King for a Knight) and big games (chess court and knight errant)

windmills.pngan older game by Neil Saddie (Sadie Brothers) is the calming and totally relaxing slow obscurity where you have to place windmills to drain the water and provide more space for tulip fields.
Controlled by mouse.

PS Similar game, townyou find in WP N°48.

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