Weekday Puzzle N°65 – Solution, Hints, Review

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Welcome Weekdays Puzzle!

The first and second games are unknown – one by one auroriax It’s like Sokoban again about magic hats and bunnies – don’t worry, it’s from the same game from other bunny and hat games released in the previous weeks. unknown by Gamungu It is a totally relaxing and pleasant game about using magnet features. The last one is an adventure/visual novel. Brave Owl Studios about a journey into deep space.

Have fun and enjoy!

hats.pngThinky Puzzle Game Jam 2 brought a lot of good games – and this auroriax is one of them. Cute Sokoban-like puzzler about magical hats wants you to tuck the bunny under the hat in each level. The hat does not move – you have to figure out how to get the bunny in the right position by changing the scene.
Controlled by WASD/Arrow keys, R to restart a level, Z undo a move, autosave.


Gamungu‘s game is quite relaxing – it has simple control, clean graphics and easy to understand rules. You have to spin your magnet towards the star and remember, lava fields are also dangerous for magnets.
Controlled by AD, Spacebar for interaction, R to restart a level, 40 levels, autosave.


we have already met Brave Owl Studios under the name Caracas inside WE N°206 Where is the adorable adventures Zoe and Polypantheon (still playable) published. Now we have the clever adventure/visual novel from deep space – and it’s a clever, witty and fun game. Enjoy!
Controlled by mouse. There is no save option.

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