Weekday Puzzle N°66 – Solution, Hints, Review

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Welcome Weekdays Puzzle!

this tomoLaSiDo‘s game is not an escape – you have to solve the puzzles in the boxes and then open the box. A few of these were previously featured on Weekday Escapes under the name Motto Akeru; it was always a box – now we have a full vending machine! John VanderhoefThe ‘point’ and click game is short and fun and then we have two variations on the well known theme – mirrors and lasers puzzler AliAlAni and colored liquids in order Blur Studio.

Have fun and enjoy!

open.pngyou are standing in front of tomoLaSiDoVending machine with fifteen boxes. To open a box you have to solve three puzzles, each box has a double puzzle… that’s sixty puzzles to solve! Some are very simple, some not so much… and some are based on Japanese characters. I haven’t opened all the boxes yet but so far only visual memory seems to be required to decode them.
Controlled by mouse. Auto save.

The game is available for mobile devices running Android.

Google PlayI Will Open It (Android, Android Tablet)

pirates.pngSingle scene point’n’click game John Vanderhoef pretty short but fun – can you find the treasure around your ship? Is it buried at the bottom of the sea, on the shore or somewhere else?
Controlled by mouse.


unknown by AliAlAni It is a game of lasers and mirrors with a stylish design and simple rules. Each level has three lasers in three colors and you need to place the mirrors in the right places to accurately reflect the laser beams and activate the black tower.
It is controlled by LMB and RMB. No save option (and not possible to choose a level).


There are tons of games where you separate colored liquids. by this Blur Studio well done – best for PC I’ve ever come across – and relaxing while gaming, albeit harder; it’s also fun and not monotonous (within limits) – various pouring tools are added later in the game.
Controlled by mouse.

It’s also available for mobile devices (long, loud, and with a lot of additions).

Google PlayGlasses – Water Sorting Puzzle (Android, Android Tablet)

Download from AppstoreGlasses – Water Sorting Puzzle (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)

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