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Aside from the Ender Dragon, which drops more experience points, count on these hostile mobs for XP whenever you encounter them.

  • He drowned
  • Ravager
  • Senior Guard
  • Guard
  • Evoker
  • The witch

You always have a higher chance of getting game XP after killing an enemy mob than you do after killing a tamed mob. Although rare hostile mobs like Elder Guardian and Evoker will drop double XP points than mobs like Creepers and Zombies which are more common at night.

Sometimes I often try to go out at night to explore new biomes or find suitable lands for new projects, only to inevitably encounter hostile mobs that give me good XP points.

He drowned

They are a typical hostile underwater mob that drops 5 XP upon death. They are very fast swimmers and survive on land at night and can be seen near all bodies of water. The divers should be carefully delt if they have a trident. So be sure to keep a bow and arrow or a shield nearby in case you come across one.


That mob beast can give you 20 XP and a saddle on death. Even if they’re hard to kill and take 3.5 hearts out of your health bar, they swim very slowly. This can be used to your advantage to get you some darts as it slowly floats towards you.

Sponsors and guardians

It is the largest hostile underwater mob that can only be found inside ocean sculptures. You can try to take out the Elder Guard on the ground, as it is much easier to kill on the ground. In any case, it is difficult to fight and hold your breath underwater.

If things fail and you end up dying and your respawn point is far away, it will be difficult to get back what you lost near the ocean statue.


Evokers are hostile mobs found on the top floor of Woodland Mansions that are able to attack through blocks and can summon Jaws and Vexes for help. You will get 10 XP, an irretrievable totem and an emerald after he dies.

Woodland Homes are typically found near Dark Forest Biomes.

The witch

Wizards drop 5 XP upon death along with glass vials, Redstone, etc. They are less common near Swamp Biomes and can be found near their Swamp Huts. They use different spells to attack you. They are resistant to water and lava.

So if you’re just out to collect experience points, try going for easier targets like creeps, zombies, skeletons, etc. instead of a mage that only drops 5 XP.

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