Why Are We Attached to the Spy x Family?

Spy x Family — Everyone is addicted to Spy x Family and for good reason; A great Action-Comedy. Did you start with the manga or did you catch the anime? crispy rollYou’re probably addicted to the brutal tale of the spy Twilight, the assassin Yor, and the telepath Anya.

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Why Are We Attached to the Spy x Family?

Make sure you watch my video WHY We Are Attached To The Spy x Family!

I don’t know about you but I found Spy X Family hard to put. Yes, Action-Comedy/Drama should be your thing, but this type of anime and manga is just for me.

It’s been a long time since I felt connected to a show of this type HERE.

In general, the number of TV series and movies that present themselves as comedies and that don’t make me laugh is sickening. I understand that everyone has different tastes, but you would think that a comedy was supposed to be funny, right?

spy x family twilight caught anya caught funny moment review reaction video essay
Anya gets caught in Twilight!

Spy X Family managed to make me laugh while shaking the carrot of an interesting and intriguing narrative. I will continue to watch, read and create videos because this series is such a blast!

What do you think Spy x Family? Connected from Episode 1 of the anime / Episode 1 of the manga? Let me know in the comments.

I’m watching the anime but the premiere will only be 12 episodes so we have to wait for the continuation of season 1. The manga is just as fun (I’ve read chapter 1); I think I might need to read the manga, not sure if I can wait until later in the year for more!

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