WWE 2K22 codes for SummerSlam are available on MyFACTION

We have some more WWE 2K22 Locker codes after SummerSlam is over. Any of these you want to join MyFACTION.

Getting free packs and some extra MF points would be great when the new SummerSlam packs hit the market.

Let’s take a look at the codes and when they expire.

WWE 2K22 Cheat Series Unlock Codes

SummerSlam is over and there was a ton of entertaining matches. Today there are some new codes you can enter in MyFACTION.

These WWE 2K22 Locker codes help you with some extra packs from the Forged series and the Prime Time pack. Let’s take a look at the Forge Series code first.

Fake CODE: Enter this code for fake package and some MF

Enter the code: ‘SSLAM22’ for free pack of Forged Series and MyFACTION Points. Some of the cards in the fake series include:

  • Ambassador Drew McINTYRE – 80 OVR
  • Sapphire Seth Rollins – 80 OVR
  • Sapphire Samoa Joe – 76 OVR
  • Sapphire IO Shirai – 73 OVR
  • Ambassador Kane – 72 OVR
  • Emerald Becky Lynch – 76 OVR
  • Emerald Kevin Owens – 74 OVR
  • Emerald Ria Ripley – 72 OVR
  • Emerald Johnny Gargano – 71 OVR
  • Emerald Walter – 71 OVR
  • Emerald Tommaso Ciampa – 70 OVR
  • Emerald Pete Dunn – 68 OVR

The rest of the cards are gold rank and below so they no longer have much use in MyFACTION.

The good part is that these WWE 2K22 Locker codes give you some MF to go with your pack.

SummerSlam Prime Time Code

A fake serial code isn’t the only code available that you want to enter before it expires.

This Prime Time code is available for a limited time, but if you enter it, you’ll soon get two free packs using one of the WWE 2K22 Locker codes.

MORE CODES: Don’t forget to enter these codes soon

enter the ‘BAZI 22’ A Locker code for two free Primetime packs containing five cards can see you add The Miz or Rowdy Roddy Piper to your WWE 2K22 MyFACTION collection.

Unfortunately, these WWE 2K22 Locker codes will expire soon, so enter them quickly.

WWE 2K22 SummerSlam Collections

Although we have received several Locker codes, nothing compares to the new WWE 2K22 SummerSlam pack.

These packs contain the first amethyst card of the entire MyFACTION year. You won’t want to miss out on adding 91 OVR Bret Hart to your lineup.

New Packs: Go to MyFACTION and buy some of these packs

There are currently none WWE 2K22 Unlock Codes for this particular set, but there may be in the future.

Here are the prices for each available package:

  • SummerSlam Pack (5 cards) – 9000 MF or 12,250 VC
  • SummerSlam Deluxe Pack (5 cards) – 13,600 MF or 16,000 VC
  • SummerSlam 10-Pack Box – 136K MF or 160K VC

To learn more about SummerSlam packs in WWE 2K22, go here.

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